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Alumni Profiles

Sharon Crook '96

Position: Associate Professor, University of Arizona
Thesis: The Role of Delay in Oscillatory Models of Olfactory Cortex
Advisor: Laveen N. Kanal
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Keith B. Hermiz '96

Position: Business Analytics Researcher, IBM Research
Thesis: Rayleigh-Bernard Convection Driven Shear: Models, Stability, Dynamics and Transport
Advisor: James C. Alexander
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Christopher M. Danforth '06

Position: Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
Thesis: Making Forecasts for Chaotic Processes in the Presence of Model Error
Advisor: James A. Yorke, Eugenia Kalnay
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Weiran Sun '06

Position: Postdoc, University of Chicago
Thesis: Mathematical Problems Arising When Connecting Kinetic to Fluid Regimes
Advisor: Charles D. Levermore
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Aaron Lott '08

Position: Postdoc, NIST
Thesis: Fast Solvers for Models of Fluid Flow with Spectral Elements
Advisor: Howard Elman
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