Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program - University of Maryland

Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation

Special Course Offerings

Past Courses

ENME722/ENCE722: Equilibrium Modeling in Engineering (Fall 2016)

MATH858M: Asymptotic Methods and Applications (Spring 2016)

ENME 642: Hydrodynamics (Fall 2013)

ENCE 722: Market, Spatial, and Traffic Equilibrium Models in Project Management (Spring 2013)

AMSC 698T: Selected Algorithms and their Numerical Analysis (Spring 2013)

BMGT 808E: Stochastic Optimization (Fall 2012)

ENEE 769R: Principles and Algorithms for Collectives: From Biology to Robotics (Fall 2012)

AMSC 698A: Hamilton-Jacobi Solvers and their Application (Spring 2012)

MATH 648M: Advanced Analytic Methods in Applied Math (Spring 2012)

AOSC 615: Advanced Methods in Data Assimilation (Spring 2011)

PHYS 828: Cancer Bio-Physics (Spring 2011)

ANSC 688Z: Quantitative Genetics (Spring 2011)

ENEE 661: Nonlinear Control Systems (Spring 2011)

ENME 808V: A Mathematical Introduction to Robotics (Spring 2011)

CMSC 858K: Introduction to Cryptography (Spring 2011)

CMSC 858P: Computational and Statistical methods for High-throughput Analysis of Biological Systems (Spring 2011)

MATH 648M: Advanced Analytic Methods in Applied Math (Spring 2011)

BMGT 831: Network Optimization (Spring 2011)

CMSC 828H: Computational Gene Finding and Genome Assembly (Fall 2010)

PHYS 615: Nonlinear Dynamics of Extended Systems (Fall 2010)

ENCE 725: Probabilistic Optimization (Fall 2010)

MATH 648O: Combined ODEs and Classical Mechanics (Fall 2010)

STAT 698G: Stochastic Differential Equations (Fall 2010)

EPIB 653: Applied Survival Analysis (Spring 2010)

MATH 648M: Advanced Analytic Methods with Applications (Spring 2010)


Special Course Offerings

Course Offerings

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