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Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation

Research Interaction Teams

RITs help students find dissertation advisors. They meet regularly to share and discuss research. At these meetings, students can practice for more formal presentations.

Students are not expected to stay in the first RIT they join, nor to join only one. However, students are expected to choose an RIT by their third year.

Students also discover professional opportunities through an RIT since outside scientists or mathematicians often join RITs.

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Seminar Requirements

AMSC students may fulfill seminar requirements by joining an RIT.

  • Students who have not reached candidacy can get credit for RIT participation by registering for AMSC 689 for up to three credits with a faculty director of that RIT.

  • Doctorate students who have reached candidacy can carry out their dissertation work within an RIT but should register for AMSC 899 (Dissertation Research), rather than AMSC 689.


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