Math Department Graduate Student Council 2023-2024

To contact the council, please email:

Vasanth Pidaparthy Vasanth Pidaparthy
Math Program
AlFahad AlQadhi

Shashank Sule
AMSC Program

MichaelR edit Michael Rozowski
AMSC Program
Victoria Whitley
AMSC Program
Brandon Kolstoe


Brandon Kolstoe
Math Program


Keith Mills headshot Keith Mills
Math Program
Amandeep Chanda headshot Amandeep Chanda
Stat Program

AMSC Student Council

The ASC is a non-profit educational organization with the following goals and purposes:

  • to plan and facilitate meetings for the students of the Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Program (AMSC) at the University of Maryland;
  • to promote peer mentoring; social interaction, group study and skill development amongst AMSC Students;
  • to voice student concerns to the AMSC Graduate Committee;
  • to voice concerns of the AMSC Graduate Committtee and AMSC Director to the AMSC students;
  • to represent the AMSC students in the Graduate Student Government (GSG).

2022-2023 Membership

Victoria Whitley, President
AlFahad AlQadhi
Ethan Dudley
Michael Rozowski
Ran Tao

2021-2022 Membership

Kayla Davie, Co-President
Luke Evans, Co-President
Stephanie Allen, Treasurer
Stephen Sorokanich
Brooke Herzog

2020-2021 Membership

Kayla Davie, President
Luke Evans, Treasurer
Aquia Richburg
Stephen Sorokanich
Anna Sotnikova
Cem Unsal

2019-2020 Membership

Brandon Alexander, President
Kayla Davie, Treasurer
Duncan McElfresh
Luke Evans, AMSC Seminar Co-organizer
Aquia Richburg
Sarah Burnett

2018-2019 Membership

Danielle Middlebrooks, President
Sarah Burnett, Treasurer
Brandon Alexander, Seminar Coordinator 1
Cara Peters, Seminar Coordinator 2
Kayla Davie, Social Coordinator 1
Duncan McElfresh, Social Coordinator 2

2017-2018 Membership

Christiana Sabett, President
Kilian Cooley, Treasurer
Brandon Alexander, Seminar Coordinator
Asia Wyatt, Social Coordinator 1
Tengfei Su, Social Coordinator 2
Duncan McElfresh, GSG Representative

2016-2017 Membership

Dana Botesteanu, President
Matthew Whiteway, Treasurer
Kilian Cooley, Seminar Coordinator 1
Franck Ndjakou Njeunje, Seminar Coordinator 2
Franck Ndjakou Njeunje, Social Coordinator 1
Asia Wyatt, Social Coordinator 2
Duncan McElfresh, GSG Representative

2015-2016 Membership

Dana Botesteanu, President
Dimitris Ntogkas, Vice President
Matthew Whiteway, Treasurer
Asia Wyatt, Seminar Coordinator 1
Alex Estes, Seminar Coordinator 1
Chae Clark

2014-2015 Membership

Stefan Doboszczak, President
Dana Botesteanu
Chae Clark
Dave Darmon
Virginia Forstall
Stephanie Young

2013-2014 Membership

Tyler Drombosky, President
Stefan Doboszczak
Virginia Forstall, SIAM Representative
Xuan Liu
Catherine Schwartz

2012-2013 Membership

Alex Cloninger, President
Victoria Taroudaki, Vice President
Virginia Forstall, Treasurer
Karamatou Yacoubou Djima, Secretary
Tyler Drombosky, Seminar Coordinator 1
Hisham Talukder, Seminar Coordinator 2

2011-2012 Membership

Amanda Galante, President
Shelby Wilson, Vice President
Anne Jorstad, GSG Representative
Alex Cloninger, Treasurer
Hisham Talukder, Secretary

2010-2011 Membership

Amanda Galante, President
Anne Jorstad, GSG Representative
Karl Schmitt, Treasurer
David Shaw, Secretary
Shelby Wilson, Webmaster

2009-2010 Membership

Lucas Vaczlavik, President
Amanda Galante
Anne Jorstad, GSG Representative
Karl Schmitt, Treasurer
Tamara Singleton
Aaron Skinner

2008-2009 Membership

Mattew Hoffman, President
Prashant Athavale, Treasurer
Anne Jorstad, GSG Representative
Aaron Skinner
James White

2007-2008 Membership

P. Aaron Lott, President
Michael O'Hara, Treasurer
Prashant Athavale, GSG Representative
Scott Olsson
Matt Hoffman

2006-2007 Membership

Bob Shuttleworth, President
Weigang Zhong, Treasurer
Jeff Heath, GSG Departmental Representative
Russell Halper, GSG Departmental Representative
P. Aaron Lott, Webmaster

2005-2006 Membership

Chris Danforth, President
Bob Shuttleworth, Treasurer
Joanna Pressley, GSG Departmental Representative
Qing Xia, GSG Departmental Representative
Suzanne Sindi, Webmaster

2004-2005 Membership

Danny Dunlavy, President
Chris Danforth, Treasurer
Stacey Nicholls, GSG Departmental Representative
Suzanne Sindi, GSG Departmental Representative
Bing Zhang, Webmaster


ASC is a registered student group on campus and eligible to apply for funding for its activities at Graduate Student Government. Please click here to see funding related issues.


The ASC Constitution was approved by the AMSC Students in Fall 2004. It was amended once in November 2004 and again in May 2011. It is available here.