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The Applied Statistics concentration emphasizes training in statistical application, theory, and computing skills. Students will be able to specialize in a statistical application with a variety of statistical topics, as well as develop mathematical and computing skills necessary for modern applied statistical research.

Applied Statistics Degree Offerings

The Applied Statistics concentration collaborates with the Mathematical Statistics Program.

AS Coursework Requirement Comparison Table

Requirement Ph.D Masters with
Masters w/o
Statistics Core Courses 18 Credits 18 Credits 18 Credits
Application Course 6 Credits 6 Credits 6 Credits
Electives 3 Credits 6 Credits
Seminars 2 Credits 1 Credit 2 Credits
Data Analysis Project 1 Credit 1 Credit
Practicum 3 Credits
Thesis * 12 Credits 6 Credits
Total 45 Credits 31 Credits 33 Credits

∗ AMSC 899 (Doctoral Dissertation Research) for Ph.D students and AMSC 799 (Master's Thesis Research) for Master's Students