Become a Faculty Member

I. Faculty Affiliation Requirements

The AMSC Program has no faculty or postdoctoral salary lines. In order to become an AMSC Faculty member you must first have an existing faculty affiliation within the University of Maryland, College Park. This is typically a tenure-track appointment in an academic department, but it can also be a research appointment at a UMCP institute or center. You must also either be or become a member of the Graduate Faculty.

II. Applying for Faculty Membership

In order to apply to become an AMSC Faculty Member you must:

  • Send a letter to the AMSC Director requesting membership in the AMSC Faculty
  • Supply a current complete curriculum vitae --- including your publication list
  • Have a letter of support from the head of every unit that pays your salary
  • Meet with the AMSC Director so that:
    • You can learn about how the whole Program works; thus you might better serve as an advisor to its students.
    • The Director can learn about your research interests, and he or she can better identify suitable students for you.

Your application must then be approved by the AMSC Graduate Committee. They must be convinced that you (a) have the background to advise a dissertation in applied mathematics or scientific computation, and (b) have the support of your units to participate in our interdisciplinary program. Once the above steps are complete and your application is approved by the Graduate Committee, we notify the Graduate School that you are a member of the AMSC Faculty.