1. Application

1.1. When is the application deadline?

The fall application deadline is January 10th. We do not admit applicants in the spring.

1.2. What materials are required to apply?

A complete list of application materials are available here.

1.3. What materials should be sent via the mail and what materials should be sent electronically?

All materials can be submitted electronically via the online application with the exception of the official transcript(s). If you have filed something electronically, there is no need to submit a paper version. Electronic submissions of application materials are recommended as they can be processed much sooner.

1.4. Have my application materials been received?

The Enrollment Services Office typically takes 10 business days to process your application materials after they have arrived. Please wait 10 business days after your materials have arrived at the university before contacting our office regarding missing materials. You can also use your Hobsons ID to log in and check the status of your application.

1.5. All of my application materials have been submitted, but the status of my application is listed as incomplete. Can you help me?

Please see the above question (1.4).

1.6. Can you waive the application fee?

In certain cases, the UMD Graduate School may waive the application fee. Please visit this webpage for more details: gradschool.umd.edu/feewaivereligibility

1.7. May I submit the Certification of Finances form after I know the exact kind of assistantship I will be offered?

Yes. You may submit your Certification of Finances form after you have received notification of the admission's committee decision.

1.8. May I mail my admission materials during the Winter Holiday?

Yes. The university will still receive mail and packages during the winter holidays. However, during the days that the university is closed, materials will not be processed and entered into the application system. Please plan accordingly. Detailed dates of university holidays can be found here.

1.9. I am applying for fall 20xx, but I do not receive my bachelor's degree until spring 20xx. May I still apply?

Yes, you may still apply. As long as you receive your bachelor's degree before actually entering our program, you may still apply.

1.10. Do I need to submit a Certification of Finances form?

If you are an international student and are admitted, you must submit a Certification of Finances form. However, you may wait until after you have received notification of whether or not you were awarded funding to submit the certificate. Please see here for more details.

1.11. Where should I mail my admission materials?

Please mail all admission materials to:

Enrollment Services Office-Graduate Admissions
Room 0130 Mitchell Building
University of Maryland, College Park
College Park, MD 20742

Failure to do so will delay the processing of materials.

1.12. Can I edit my application and add documents after I have already submitted it?

Generally, no. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot add new or updated documents, and you cannot edit your application unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

2. Standardized Tests

2.1. What is your school code and program code?

Our school code for ETS is 5814. Our department code for the TOEFL 54. Our department code for the GRE is 0702. You can use the Math Department code if you like. Since the test scores are sent to the graduate school, any program you are applying to has access to them. Our four letter program code for University of Maryland application materials is AMSC.

2.2. Do I have to submit my GRE and TOEFL scores via ETS?

Applicants must submit their official exam scores through ETS. However, we encourage applicants to upload a photocopy (pdf preferred) in the "Attachments" section in the online application as backup documentation.

2.3. Am I required to submit subject GRE scores?

 The admissions committee strongly recommends that subject GRE scores be submitted from any relevant discipline, but it is not required.

2.4. Are my GRE scores competitive with other applicants for your program?

Students entering the program with financial support have average GRE general exam scores of 590 (prior scale)/159 (current scale) on the verbal section, 795 (prior scale)/165 (current scale) on the quantitative section, and 4.59 on the analytical writing section.

2.5. Are my TOEFL scores competitive with other applicants for your program?

International applicants who achieve a TOEFL score of 620 (paper based test) (260 CBT, 105 IBT) or higher will have a greater chance to be admitted with financial support than an otherwise similar student with a lower score.

2.6. I am an international student but have a degree from an accredited US university. Am I exempt from the TOEFL?

Yes. If you have a degree from an accredited US university, you are exempt from the TOEFL requirement.

2.7. I already have a PhD from an accredited US university. Do I still need to take the GRE?

No. If you have a PhD from an accredited US university, you are not required to submit GRE scores. However, we still do recommend that you submit valid GRE scores so that your scores may evaluated against other applicant's scores.

2.8. I already have a master's degree from an accredited US university. Do I still need to submit valid GRE scores?

 Yes. Even though you have your master's degree, you must still submit valid GRE scores.

2.9. May I submit IELTS scores instead of TOEFL scores?

It is preferred that students submit TOEFL scores, but the IELTS scores are accepted with a minimum score of 7.0.

2.10. Do I need to submit TOEFL scores?

In general, all international students are required to submit TOEFL scores.

Students who have or will be awarded a degree from the U.S., United Kingdom, Anglophone Africa, Anglophone Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the Commonwealth Caribbean prior to enrolling in the University of Maryland are not required to submit TOEFL scores.

For US citizens or permanent residents with foreign credentials, if your native language is not English and you do not hold a degree from an institution in the US or one of the anglophone countries and areas previously listed, you will be required to submit TOEFL scores.

Please see here for more details.

2.11. May I substitute my GMAT scores for my GRE scores?

No, you may not substitute your GMAT scores for your GRE scores.

2.12. Does your program have a minimum GRE score requirement?

No, there is not a minimum GRE score requirement.

2.13. Does your program have a minimum TOEFL score requirement?

Please see this webpage for minimum TOEFL score requirements.

3. Letters of Recommendation

3.1. I have submitted my letters of recommendation electronically, do I need to send in a signed paper copy?

No, we only need the electronic copy.

4. Transcripts

4.1. Do I need to submit official transcripts?

Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for the application process and may be submitted electronically. However, upon admission to the university, official transcripts must be submitted to the Graduate School.

4.2. Where should I send my official transcript(s)?

University of Maryland College Park
Enrollment Services Operations
Application for Graduate Admission
Rm 0130 Mitchell Building
College Park, MD 20742

4.3. Is it really necessary to get my translated transcripts signed by a professional translator?

Yes, it is necessary. Please have your translated transcripts signed by a professional translator.

5. Admissions

5.1. Would you comment on my chances of admission?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to comment on your chances of admission as this is determined by the admissions committee. We do encourage, however, all eligible applicants to apply.


5.2. I did not major in math as an undergraduate. What should I do?

Our program highly values students from diverse academic backgrounds. However, applicants must demonstrate the ability to succeed in graduate level math courses. Students accepted into the program typically have math degrees or have taken a substantial amount of advanced math courses.

To be competitive, applicants should have taken at minimum 4 upper-level courses past Linear Algebra. Furthermore, high grades in graduate level math courework will greatly strengthen an application.

5.3. If I am rejected by the PhD program, will I be automatically considered for the MS program?

No. If you are not accepted by the PhD program, you will not be automatically considered for the MS program. You will need to apply again.

5.4. When do you notify applicants of the admissions committee's decision?

We typically extend first rounds offers near the end of February. Depending on responses, we extend further offers in March and April. Applicants receive final decisions by the of end of April.

5.5. I was rejected. How do I increase my chances of admission when I reapply?

We commend you for your persistence. To strengthen your application, we suggest the following:

  • Increase your GRE and/or TOEFL scores
  • Take graduate level math courses and do well in them
  • If possible, find a research project in your field of interest and publish a paper

5.6. What is the minimum GPA for admission? What is the average GPA of entering students?

The Graduate School requires that your GPA be at least 3.0. The average GPA of entering students is usually between 3.6 and 3.8.

6. Funding

6.1. How do I apply for funding?

On the online application, you should mark that you are requesting funding. There is no other form to fill out.

6.2. Are MS applicants eligible for funding?

No. MS applicants are not eligible for funding.

6.3. How much is tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees information can be found here.

7. General

7.1. What is the average length of time for students to receive their degrees?

Full-time master's degree students typically finish in 2-3 years. Full-time doctoral students typically finish their degrees in 5-6 years.

7.2. Is it possible to do a degree part-time?

Yes, it is possible to do a degree part-time. However, evening and weekend classes are not offered.