Scientific Computation Course Preliminary Requirements

I. Course Requirements

Within the first three years of their admission to the program, students should complete their SC Core Courses and SC Core Science Courses with at least a grade of "B" in each core course (not including core science), an overall grade-point average of 3.5 or better in the core and core science courses, and no course grade below a "B-".

Subsequently, students must complete their:

  • SC Applications Courses
  • SC Electives
    • Any graduate level (600 and above) courses approved by the student's Study Advisory Committee may be chosen as electives, although we expect most students to use these electives to gain breadth in their science discipline.

The proposed selection of courses must be approved by the student's Study Advisory Committee and submitted in the form of a Study Advisory Plan to the AMSC Graduate Committee.

with Thesis
w/o Thesis
Scientific Computing I & II (AMSC660-661) 6 hrs
6 hrs
6 hrs
6 hrs
Introduction to Parallel Computing (CMSC616) 3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
Select from these options: AMSC714, AMSC715, AMSC808N, AMSC763, AMSC764 9 hrs 6 hrs
Core Science Courses 6 hrs 6 hrs 6 hrs
Applications Courses 6 hrs 3 hrs 3 hrs 3 hrs
Electives  6 hrs 6 hrs 6 hrs
Total 36 hrs 24 hrs 30 hrs 12 hrs

No course may be used to meet more than one requirement, and thesis research (799, 899) is not to be counted. For all of the students in the AMSC program a grade of B or better must be achieved in each of the five Scientific Computation Core Courses (first five courses in the list above).

II. Qualifying Exams

There is no qualifying examination for Ph.D. students in the Concentration in Scientific Computation.