AMSC Current Student Profiles


Harrison Bauman

Research: Adaptive structured grid generation for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications
Undergraduate Institution: St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Hometown: Mechanicsville, MD
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Fernandez 2 croppped 1
Isabel Fernandez

Research: Computational Neuroscience
Undergraduate Institution: American University
Hometown: Queens, NY
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Khalil Guy

Research: Quantum Information Science
Undergraduate Institution: Fisk University
Hometown: Macon, GA
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Theorem the Mathcot

Research: Geometric Topology of Dog Toys
Undergraduate Institution: Puppy Kindergarten at Laughing Dog Academy
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
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Aquia Richburg

Research: Machine Learning and Applied Harmonic Analysis
Undergraduate Institution: Morehouse College
Hometown: Greenville, SC
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Max Springer
Max Springer

Research: Algorithmic Game Theory and Approximate Algorithms
Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University
Hometown: Columbus, OH
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Shashank Sule bridge
Shashank Sule

Research Area: Applied Harmonic Analysis
Undergraduate Institution: Amherst College
Hometown: Mumbai, India
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Victoria Whitley

Research: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
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Valerie Wray

Research: Computational Genomics, Phylogenetics
Undergraduate Institution: Truman State University
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
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