AMSC students are funded from a variety of sources. Students seeking funding should mark on their application that they are seeking funding.

MATH Teaching Assistantships and Fellowships
Many AMSC PhD students receive a stipend and full tuition waiver through MATH Department Teaching Assistantships and/or Fellowships.

MS applicants are not eligible for MATH Department funding.

Outside Funding Opportunities

NASA Graduate Student Fellowships
Since 2002, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) has offered a graduate student recruitment and fellowship program sponsored by the Earth-Sun Exploration Division at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Each year, NASA funds an assistantship in Computational Earth Science within the Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling (CSCAMM).

Typically, students work on computational projects involving Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling. After the first year, the student's assistantship cost is split 50-50 between the university's Major Professor and a GSFC scientist serving as thesis co-advisor. The graduate student is expected to work on problems of relevance to NASA/GSFC and do a portion of the thesis research at Goddard.